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Valerie Garcia presents:



A storytelling workshop


Since the beginning of time, humans have told stories as a way to communicate, share history, and create community. In the past, stories were often told around campfires. Today, storytelling is an art that continues to bring people together around products, ideas, and causes. The Modern Campfire is a workshop designed to help you become a better storyteller. You'll learn about what makes a great story, and how to apply those lessons to engaging stage presentations, written content, online marketing, videos, and more. 

This two-day workshop will help you craft a message that is compelling, emotional, and effective. In a small group environment, we'll cover:

  • story boarding - how to start with an idea and make it come to life 

  • visuals - how to source and match the right images to complement your story

  • presentation skills - creative ways to turn an idea into a compelling tale, then deliver it with passion from stage or in front of a group. You'll leave this workshop with the tools to create and deliver keynotes, TED style talks, or customer presentations that shine. 

If you want to become a better leader, speaker, writer, or teacher, this session is for you. If you have a story to tell and need some help bringing it to life, this session is for you. And if you are ready to dig deep and craft that message you want to share with the world, this session is definitely for you. 

Join us around the campfire. 

"Storytelling is the most powerful way to
put ideas into the world." 

Robert McKeE

What is it?

Teachers, managers, leaders, communication directors, and marketers who are exploring ways to develop content that resonates and increases adoption. 

Executives looking for better ways to communicate corporate strategy and convey purpose.

Speakers, trainers, and moderators who have a desire to craft more compelling and actionable messages. 

Entrepreneurs and creators who want to deliver more convincing sales pitches. 

Artists and writers who want to take their message to the stage. 

Speakers who want to fall in love with speaking all over again. 

Writers who need a nudge. 

Anyone who wants to push past the fear of speaking in public. 

Non-profit workers who have big hearts and are looking for others to join them. 

Committee members with budgets to make big change happen, but need better ways to engage others to participate. 

Anyone with a story to tell and a heart to tell it.  


Tickets will be on sale soon for future sessions of The Modern Campfire workshops! Watch this space for announcements! 

Workshop groups will be small, intimate, and interactive. We'll help each other take great ideas and develop them into even better stories in a supportive and fun environment. Participants should come prepared to leave their comfort zones at the door and embrace the joyful (and sometimes painful) work of bringing their story to life.


Each participant will receive an email prior to the event outlining details, prep work, and expectations. Workshops consist of both learning and storytelling time, spread over two full days. 

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Writer, Speaker, Storyteller and Chief Encouragement Officer

As an international speaker and corporate trainer for over 18 years, Valerie Garcia is no stranger to storytelling. Whether from the stage, the board room, or the classroom, Valerie brings a passion for sharing information with both heart and humour. 

Whether you dream of speaking on stage, or simply need to be better with the written word, Valerie will help you with the tools and tips to make your dreams a reality. 

Who is Valerie?
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